Infographics: Facts about 3D Printing

Facts abount 3D Printing: 3D2PRINT Infographics

Quick Insights for Facts About 3D Printing:
1. Most companies involved in 3D printing manufacture 3D printers and filaments. 3D printing filaments are now cheaper because of the expiration of certain IPs in February thus it is now easier to acquire these materials.
2. 3D printing is revolutionizing various industries but currently, the biggest market is hobbyists. Cheaper 3D printer and filament are easily available for hobbyists as there are more distributors today.
3. In 3D printing, the most important factors to consider are the printer and filaments. DIY 3D printers are widely available today while there are various filaments that you can choose from today.
4. 3D printing filaments are cheaper and easily available if you buy it with start-up distributors because there’s a strong community that supports this industry.

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