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    • Candy 3D Printer: The Confectionery’s Dream Come True

      Candy 3D Printer: The Confectionery’s Dream Come True

      Here’s one for the sweet tooth! The world’s first confectionary-focused food 3D printer is making its debut at Kickstarter. Candy promises to make food 3D printing accessible to a wide range of consumers from home to food industry professionals for a cheap price of $499 for backers and $599 for retail. Its maker, London-based 3DVentures, Read More »
    • Things To 3D Print with Flexible Filament

      Things To 3D Print with Flexible Filament

      Rubber filament is highly elastic, making it possible to create interesting 3D printed items like prototypes, toys, impact resistance covers, and joints. It has been used in innovative and useful creations in the fashion and accessories industry. Here are some of the creations made by the 3D printing community using flexible filament. Stress balls A Read More »
    • 30 Jaw Dropping 3D-Printed Creations

      30 Jaw Dropping 3D-Printed Creations

      It is amazing how 3D printing is revolutionizing a lot of industries. Love it or hate it, 3D printing is here to stay and will continue to grow. Critics suggest1 that it is the future of manufacturing, agriculture, medicine, and even education. In the short span that 3D printing skyrocketed into the limelight, experts have Read More »
    • Life-size 3D Printing

      Life-size 3D Printing

      Mini replicas are nothing new to the 3D printing world. It has been the ‘in’ thing for quite some time. Since commercial 3D printers are still quite small, it can only print tiny replicas. To produce large and life-size objects, separate parts are printed first before assembling the whole object after. With the 3D technology Read More »
    • Boy Patents 3D Printer 10x Faster Than Makerbot

      Boy Patents 3D Printer 10x Faster Than Makerbot

      “The key there is speed.” Thomas Suarez, 15, and his company called CarrotCorp, is bound to revolutionize the commercial 3D printing industry. At a young age, he already filed a patent for a 3D printer he is in the process of creating that claims to be 10 times faster than all current 3D printers invented. Read More »


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