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    • Just Take a 3D Selfie and Print

      Just Take a 3D Selfie and Print

      When the two most favorite inventions of the decade met, 3D printing and “selfie”, they gave birth to the 3D selfies. Who doesn’t take a selfie? Luckily today, 3D printers are here to turn your selfies into figurines with added six packs, lesser waist lines or whatever you want your selfie to have that you Read More »
    • Create 3D objects with your iPad

      Create 3D objects with your iPad

      Smartphones and tablets are turning more and more into man’s best friend nowadays. That’s why people are expecting more from their daily companions. As 3D printers start to infiltrate the mainstream, there’s a growing need for converting objects and environments into 3D digital objects in the easiest and fastest way possible. This is one of Read More »
    • Guide: Storage of Filament

      Guide: Storage of Filament

      Quality Packaging Spools with filament from 3D2PRINT in the 3D2-PRO Series comes in a resalable plastic bag for easy use and storage. Inside the plastic bag there is a small silicon moisture-absorbing bag that ensures that the filament is always kept as dry as possible. Most suppliers of low-cost filament do not care too much Read More »
    • Guide: Comparing 3D Printer Filament

      Guide: Comparing 3D Printer Filament

      Common features for all 3D2-PRO Series 3D2-PRO series® is 3D2PRINT’s own brand for the demanding Professional and Consumers requiring High-End filament. Proven Quality The filament from the 3D2-PRO Series are among the very best on the market and are constantly tested towards specifications to ensure that the product are complying with high demands. Important factors like Read More »
    • 6 Reasons Why 3D Printing Is Eco-Friendly

      6 Reasons Why 3D Printing Is Eco-Friendly

      One of the challenges that the 3D printing industry is facing is to become environment friendly. Some scientists and researchers say that manufacturing, in general, is not really that eco-friendly but it is one of more urgent needs of our society today. That is why, since the advancement of the 3D printing technology, many question Read More »

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