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Product Description

ABS filament is an extra strong impact-resistant filament ideal for 3D printing of detailed solid 3D printed products. Due to the process stability and physical features of ABS it is a widely used thermoplastic polymer in industry and we have added a little “extras” to make this ABS filament exceptional strong. This makes ABS particularly suitable for tools, prototypes and all kinds of models.

When heated, ABS tends to warp (although our products much less than other brands) when printing large parts, but you can prevent this from happening by using a heated platform. It also tends to stick to acrylic at low temperature and to Kapton or PET tape if the bed platform is hot. You can also try to use hairspray if you want it to stick on the glass. If you want to experiment and want to print on a cold bed, cover it with masking tape and put a thin layer of super glue. Do not remove printed parts from the bed unless they are totally cool to avoid warping.

Additional Information

Weight 1155 g

R&D and manufactoring in EU


Resealable Plastic Bag (outer). Shrink wrap foil (inner)

Filament weight

750 g

Filament diameter

1.75 mm

Filament Ø tolerance

± 0,05mm

Filament tolerance


Filament length

303 meters (approximately calculated value)

Printing Temperature


Heated bed temperature

± 100-120˚C

Melting Temperature

245˚C ± 10˚C (ISO 294)

Vicat softening Temperature

± 103˚C (ISO 306)

Specific gravity

1,03 g/cc (ASTM D792)

MFR 220˚C/10kg

8,0 g/10 min (ASTM D1238)

Tensile strength

44 Mpa (ISO 527)

Strain at break

9% (ISO 527)

Tensile modulus

2000 Mpa (ASTM D638)

Impact strength Izod method 23˚C

36 KJ/m² (ISO 180/A)

Spool dimension

ø200 mm x 55 mm


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